Last team workshop on co-design and socio-ecological resilience

The workshop took plane in March 2022, it began with a round of presentations by each IP or representative by region, with a synthesis of products achieved and not, and…

3rd team workshop on co-design and socio-ecological resilience

The objective of the workshop was to put into practice the co-design process of the project. This stage was also affected by the covid-19 pandemic, so the methodology was adapted…

2nd Workshop Report: Co-creation and prioritization of research questions. Microcuenca El Playón – Montes de María, Colombia.

Based on the proposed goals and issues prioritized in workshop 1, a series of research questions have been posed by taking into account the needs of these communities regarding the…

Discussion workshop between local stakeholders and researchers: What should we investigate in Pontal do Paranapanema

Form the first workshop held in Brazil in the Pontal do Paranapanema region the The point of view of the interviewees on the socioeconomic and environmental problems of the region,…

2nd workshop in Santiago del Estero – Argentina with stakeholders representatives

With the aim of co-producing research questions within the framework of the project “Resiliencia socio-ecológica ante el cambio ambiental global en territorios heterogéneos –construyendo una plataforma común para investigación y…

2nd Workshop in Córdoba – Bubble methodology

In May 2021, the second workshop was held with various stakeholders in western Córdoba. On this occasion representatives of, different institutions and social actors with stakes in the region were…

Virtual Talk: How has the climate changed in western Córdoba in these last 50 years? What can we expect for the future?

On June 23, 2021, the activity entitled “How has the climate changed in western Córdoba in recent years and what can we expect for the future?” took place virtually. The…

About Us

DiverSus is an international Nucleus, with headquarters at the 
Multidisciplinary Institute of Plant Biology (CONICET – National University of Cordoba, Argentina).

“Nucleus” refers to a flexible administrative structure, in which the interaction between members is planned and structured on the basis of the needs of each particular project.

The flexible structure allows members to interact differently as required by each particular project, with interactions ranging from close collaboration on the same project and study site over several years, to participation in virtual forums on emerging issues bounded in time.

Our Goals

The main purpose of DiverSus is to conduct high-quality research in the areas of biodiversity, ecosystems and sustainability, in response to socially-relevant problems. Within this main objective are the following more specific objectives:

To generate original knowledge within the fields of ecology and sustainability, science, within an interdisciplinary framework

To create new theoretical frameworks and methodologies in order to facilitate the interface between physical, biological and social sciences around complex problems involving socio-environmental systems.

To contribute to capacity building in the areas of ecology and sustainability science, with an emphasis in Latin America and the Caribbean.

To organize and facilitate analysis and synthesis on emergent topics.

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