2nd Workshop in Córdoba – Bubble methodology

In May 2021, the second workshop was held with various stakeholders in western Córdoba. On this occasion representatives of, different institutions and social actors with stakes in the region were invited to participate. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we had to modify the original methodology, since it was not safe to hold a meeting with the participation of 30 or 40 people.

Drawing upon the information gathered in the first multi-stakeholder workshop plus the interdisciplinary input of our research group, six co-produced research questions were produced. Those questions were analyzed, discussed, reformulated, and prioritized by the representatives of each of the five stakeholders participating in the second round of small workshops. In some cases, new research questions were proposed

Thus, instead of organizing a single workshop with the participation of multiple stakeholders (as we did in the first workshop), we organized five small workshops with single stakeholders. They were carried out with representatives of: a) Movimiento Campesino de Córdoba, b) large-scale industrial farmes, c) Sociedad Rural del Oeste de Córdoba, d) scientific and environmental institutions, and e) socio-productive organizations

These second round of workshops allowed us to put into consideration the co-produced research questions, and also to know more accurately the insights and points of views of each stakeholders in relation to the main problems observed in Western Córdoba. The methodology also allowed us to identify which were the research questions ranked with highest scores not only within each social group, but also across stakeholders. But most important, it allowed us to get a deeper understanding about which the main problems of the region are, how they are affecting to each stakeholder, and how their insights could contribute to develop a new research agenda for the West of the Province of Cordoba