Last team workshop on co-design and socio-ecological resilience

The workshop took plane in March 2022, it began with a round of presentations by each IP or representative by region, with a synthesis of products achieved and not, and conclusions

A brief synthesis of the final co-designed project was made, the CoPIs present made a feedback on it and its structure. The workshop ended with a discussion of lessons, reflections, and questions. Each CoPI or representative presented some ideas on what they learned, what they took away from this project; and if they had any unresolved questions that they feel are relevant to answer in the future. In addition, they discussed lessons learned specifically about co-design (works, doesn’t work, limitations, uncertainties, recipes, etc etc).

 On-line CoPi Workshop participants: from Copo, Santiago del Estero, Argentina, Group GEAP: Matías Mastrángelo and Sebastian Aguiar; from Córdoba, Argentina, Sandra Díaz, Daniel M. Cáceres, Natalia Pérez Harguindeguy, Diego Cabrol, Flavia Mazzini,; from CIMA group Anna Sorenson and Leandro Díaz; from Canada (McGill) Yann le Polain de Waroux.