2nd workshop in Santiago del Estero – Argentina with stakeholders representatives

With the aim of co-producing research questions within the framework of the project “Resiliencia socio-ecológica ante el cambio ambiental global en territorios heterogéneos –construyendo una plataforma común para investigación y acción”, we continue in 2021 with the activities with social actors in the territory comprised by the Copo and Alberdi Departments in the north of the province of Santiago del Estero, in the Argentine Dry Chaco

Seven groups of stakeholders were selected and contacted virtually between March and May 2021 to tell them about the activity and to coordinate its implementation while respecting all the necessary precautions. The following criteria were used to select the different groups: (i) that they participated in the first workshop in November 2019, (ii) that they represent the interests of the type of social actor to which they belong, and (iii) that together they capture the diversity of social actors present in the territory. Each group was visited at their place of residence in the field or in the village, and interviewed them in open spaces in meetings of no more than five people. After the interviews, the gathered information was systematized and research questions co-produced were identified as a result of the interaction activities with the stakeholders