Discussion workshop between local stakeholders and researchers: What should we investigate in Pontal do Paranapanema

Form the first workshop held in Brazil in the Pontal do Paranapanema region the The point of view of the interviewees on the socioeconomic and environmental problems of the region, rised a list with the main problems of each group, it could be seen that some problems were the same and were found in different groups and that a question arising from these problems would cover all the groups interviewed. Once the list was drawn up, the questions were produced and presented at workshop II

The main objective of the 2nd workshop, which was held on September 29, 2021, was to take into account the opinions of the institutions and other social actors and the perspectives of the research team of the project “Socio-ecological resilience to global environmental change in heterogeneous territories – Building a common platform for research and action” on the questions that were developed from the interviews of Workshop I. The meeting was attended by both face-to-face and virtual participants, as Brazil is still on the red list in relation to COVID 19. The questions were presented to the participants, together with explanations from each of them. In the course of the discussions, the participants chose the sequence of questions according to the degree of relevance they represent for the context of the region.