The Story-map is a tool to improve understanding and communication of the context of the questions raised in the workshops, understanding of social-ecological resilience in the four sites, and as an interactive tool for future workshops.

The interactive report on land use change processes in four tropical and subtropical forest regions is presented as part of the project “Exploring change in heterogeneous territories: Socio-ecological resilience to environmental change – building a common platform for research and action”

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FDiversity is a free software developed by Fernando Casanoves, Julio Di Rienzo y Laura Pla, to estimate and analyse indices of functional diversity. It also includes tools to compare the estimated index among a set of conditions using a built-in linear model facility.

Learn more about F-Diversity HERE.

You can download the software for free by clicking HERE.

You can access the 2011 paper by Casanoves et al. presenting FDiversity in Methods in Ecology and Evolution HERE

Ilustrated Guide for the Identification of Plant Tissues from
Native Plant species of the Dry Chaco of Cordoba, Argentina
(in Spanish)

(2010). Maria E. Periago & Maria Ana Dacar.

Mammalian herbivores can change the dynamics of plant communities, altering species diversity, dimensional structure and succession processes. These effects can, in turn, affect the diversity and activity of other herbivores, predators and parasites in a community (Lindroth 1989). The purpose of this guide is to contribute to the analysis of herbivore diet utilizing the micro-histological technique described by Dacar and Giannoni (2001). You can download the guide by clicking HERE

Leaf Area Measurement software

Software for measurement of leaf area, developed by the Unit of Comparative Plant Ecology, University of Sheffield, UK.

You can access de software HERE and the user’s manual HERE