Workshop with students: their view on socio-ecological issues

Several DiverSus members participated in a workshop carried out with junior and senior students at the Chancaní High School. The main objectives proposed to the students in this workshop were: 
(a) identifying the heterogeneity of ecosystems present in the region 
(b) evaluate the knowledge of students about the ecosystem services delivered by the local ecosystems. 
(c) identifying what ecosystems best provide the ecosystem services identified in the previous point. 
(d) relating the existence of different ecosystems with the presence of different social actors, each one with their own interests and logic of appropiation of ecosystems.

The workshop allowed us to realize of the great knowledge the students have about the local ecosystems. It was also suprising the way they were able to vinculate the ecosystem services with the different ecosystem types.

After the workshop we evaluate it together with the school’s teachers. We agreed in that the results of the workshop had largely exceeded our previous expectations.

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