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The first workshop with stakeholders in the Chancaní site was carried out in the facilities of the town school in March 2020.

The Workshop was organized by an interdisciplinary team of researchers belonging to CONICET and the National University of Córdoba, as part of the activities related to our research project “Socio-ecological resilience in the face of global environmental change in heterogeneous landscapes – building a common platform for understanding and action”. The workshop took place on March 5th, 2020 at the headquarters of the Union of Educators of the Province of Córdoba (UEPC) in the city of Villa Dolores. In general terms, the Workshop sought to generate an instance of meeting of different social and institutional groups linked to the rural problems of the Western region of Córdoba Province, to know their points of view about what they consider to be the main socio-productive and environmental problems of the region, in order to develop research questions that can be addressed in the future. More specifically, the objectives that we proposed during the workshop were the following:

Objective 1: To know what their views are about the productive, ecological and social sustainability of the region’s systems.

Objective 2: Know what are the main threats and challenges that these systems face and that could affect their stability in the future.

Objective 3: Generate a joint work process (producers, institutions and our research team) that allows us to identify new research questions relevant to the region, and that can be addressed in future projects.