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The second team workshop was carried out virtually in December 2020.

The workshop began with a round of discussion to evaluate very quickly how each group is doing (without specifying activities and deliverables, which will come later) in order to meet again as a group.

We discussed the state of progress of the baselines and stakeholder maps, in order to finalize these products with the input of all teams.

The climatologist group presented the climate report in Argentina, followed by discussion of its applicability and final calibration to the possibility of doing it in other areas.

Very brief presentations were made on the regional workshops, and an update on the current situation regarding how the methodology was applied and how to continue. The need for an alternative plan was raised in view of the impossibility of completing the workshops in due time and form due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The financial/administrative situation was evaluated globally and in each of the nodes. And finally, the work schedule and next steps were adjusted.