Recent papers published by DiverSus members

Several research articles have recently been published by Diversus members in the framework of our project “Socio-ecological resilience in the face of global environmental change in heterogeneous landscapes – building a common platform for understanding and action”.

The articles include studies on ecological resilience, such as those by Gorné et al. (2020) and Lipoma et al. (2020) and Lipoma et al. (2021); others focused on the dominant models of resource use in changing socio-ecological systems, such as the ones by Gras & Cáceres (2020) and Cáceres et al. (2020). Moreover, Pascual et al. (2021) explore the challenge of incorporating a pluralistic perspective on biodiversity for conservation science, policy and practice to deliver more effective and socially just conservation outcomes; while Ellis et al. (2021) show that nearly three quarters of Earth’s land was inhabited and therefore shaped by human societies since at least 12,000 years ago, which has important implications for conservation actions aimed at tackling the current global biodiversity crisis.