First team workshop of our project on co-design and socio-ecological resilience

The first team workshop of our project IAI SGP-HW090 on co-design and socio-ecological resilience was carried out in Córdoba, Argentina, in September 2019.

The workshop started with a quick round of personal presentations, where each participant briefly commented on where they work and what is their main line of work. Sandra Díaz (PI) explained the general framework of the project, particularly its general and specific objectives. She emphasized the advantages of the project and its challenges. She pointed out that the project has two implicit premises, which could be taken as hypotheses or predictions. The first is that a co-designed project will generate trust and ownership, and therefore, in the second instance, will generate more acceptable initiatives in the long term.

The project has two main axes: the first is the work with social actors (SA) and the second is the collection of synthesis data and academic methodologies that feed the project itself. To achieve this, there are a number of frontier objects (FO). The first FO, which is also an articulating element, is the conceptual framework (CM) of IPBES (Díaz et al. 2015). In addition, the list of objectives, activities and deliverables to be carried out in the course of these 2 years was presented.

The CoPIs presented the main problems and activities that are being developed in each of the territories where the project will be carried out. Pontal do Paranapanema (Brazil), Montes de María (Colombia), Copo (Santiago del Estero-Argentina) and Chancaní (Córdoba-Argentina). The group of climatologists presented their potential contributions: to collaborate in understanding the interactions between climate, natural systems and human systems.