• Dr. Lucas Enrico gave an oral presentation at the 56th Annual Symposium of the IAVS recently held in Tartu, Estonia. The title of the presentation was "A test of the relationships between climate, net primary productivity and biomass quality at the regional scale". Access the abstract of the presentation here.

  • The IAI presented results of its collaborative research project DiverSus at the 11th Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity, held in Hyderabad, India on October 9th, 2012. Access the DiverSus presentation through this link: www.iai.int/index.phpAccess the conference daily report here.
  • DiverSus at the Planet Under Pressure Conference, 25-29 March 2012, London:
-Prof. Díaz was a plenary speaker at the session “State of the Planet: Ecology”. Prof. Díaz’s presentation can be accessed through this link.
-Dr. Daniel Cáceres and Dr. Esteban Tapella participated in the parallel session “Land-use change, ecosystem services and wellbeing: threats, conflicts opportunities and the science-policy interface”, which was co-organized by DiverSus. Dr. Cáceres’s presentation “An Interdisciplinary and Multi-stakeholder Methodology to Link Ecosystem Services and Social Heterogeneity” and Dr. Tapella’s presentation “How Social Actors Perceive and Value Ecosystem Services? A Case Study from Central Argentina” can be accessed through this link.
-Dra. Georgina Conti participated in the poster session “Current and future trends in CO2 emissions and sinks”, presenting a poster entitled “Quantifying Changes in Aboveground Carbon Stocks Due to Land-Cover Change in a Subtropical Dry Chaco Forest in Western Córdoba, Argentina”
  • Conti G (2007) Functional biodiversity effects on carbon sequestration under different land use regimes in Dry Chaco, Argentina. Poster presented at the Alter-Net Summer School on "Trends in Biodiversity: European Ecosystems and Policy" in Peyresq, France, 01-14 September 2007.