Ma. Eugenia Periago

Doctoral thesis project: Functional role of wild medium-sized mammals
in the arid Chaco of Córdoba

Director: Dr. Ricardo Ojeda (IADIZA, CCT-Mendoza)
Co-director: Dra. Sandra Diaz (IMBIV-UNC)

This research project proposes to analyze the potential that different habitat configurations in the Argentine chaco have in sustaining populations of wild native mammals. We will characterize and quantify the functional role of these species in the chacoan ecosystem, including diet, habitat use and seed dispersal. This project is a part of the program "Effects of functional biodiversity on processes and ecosystem services - an interdisciplinary approach," where the main goal is to identify the processes and ecosystem services (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment 2005) associated with different habitats generated by land use changes in mid-western Argentina.

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