Leda Lorenzo

Leda Lorenzo is a Posdoctoral researcher in Bioscience Institute of the University of San Pablo. She graduated in Biology in the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain) in 2001 and carried out a doctorate in Ecosystems Ecology in the Bioscience Institute of the University of San Paulo (Brazil), finishing in 2008. Leda is a functional ecologist, since her main interests are ecological processes, her main research areas are functional ecology, biogeochemical cycles and forest ecology, with emphasis on tropical ecosystems. He has worked specially with decomposition process in tropical forests, forest soils, carbon and land use changes. In the last years he has focused her research on functional diversity (fd) of vegetal communities related with environmental gradients, and also into the influence of fd on nutritional processes. Now he is starting to work with applied functional ecology in restoration ecology, involved on projects of restoration of soil and ecological processes.

In DiverSus Brazilian counterpart, he is responsible for the decomposition experiments (DEN) in Central Amazon and also for the quantification of functional traits into vegetal communities originated by land use changes.