Sarah Trainor

Sarah Trainor serves as stakeholder liaison for the UA Scenarios Network for Alaska and Arctic Planning and
coordinator for the NOAA funded Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy.

She specializes in communicating scientific information about climate change and its impacts to diverse
stakeholder audiences. Her current projects include: Evaluation of Fire Forecast Products to Enhance U.S.
Drought Preparedness and Response (NOAA RISA Program, Coping with Drought), Improving Seasonal
Fire Predictions and Information Services in Alaska for Regional and National Fire Resource Planning
(NOAA RISA Program, Coping with Drought), Local and Indigenous Climate Knowledge Network: Addressing
Drought Vulnerability and Adaptation in Alaska, the Pacific Islands and the American Southwest (NOAA RISA Program,Coping with Drought), and Interdisciplinary study of the effects of functional biodiversity on ecosystem processes, ecosystem services, and sustainability in the Americas (project wiki) (Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research).

Sarah organizes monthly teleconferences/webminars about specific climate change issues in Alaska, serves as advisor to the Interior Issues Council Climate Change Task Force, and facilitates stakeholder partnership workshops and meetings.

She has diverse research experience including: human dimensions of global change in the arctic and northern latitudes, vulnerability and adaptation of northern communities to climate change and environmental injustice and climate change in Arctic Indigenous peoples.

She holds an M.A. (1996) and Ph.D. (2002) in Energy and Resources from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.A. in Philosophy and Environmental Studies from Mount Holyoke College (1992). She has a joint appointment with the Water and Environmental Research Center in the UAF Institute of Northern Engineering .