Sandra Díaz


Sandra Díaz is an expert in functional biodiversity and plant functional traits and their links with ecosystem functioning, especially in relation to global change drivers.

S Díaz has led international initiatives related to these topics, and is one of the major contributors to the recent conceptual development of the field of functional biodiversity. She has been major player in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, in the field of biodiversity regulation of ecosystem services. She has led two GCTE-IGBP Tasks and a NCEAS Working Group on functional biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and land use. She is responsible for several cross-regional plant functional trait comparisons (e.g. Díaz et al., 2004) and has developed Latin America’s most comprehensive plant trait database. She has also set up one of the first experiments in the Americas on the role of functional biodiversity in ecosystem functioning.

Her role in the network

Her role in our network is that of General Scientific Coordinator.
She will also work closely on the plant functional trait and functional biodiversity assessments as well as their connections with ecosystem processes and services.

E-mail: sandra.diaz(at)
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