IMBIV (Córdoba, Argentina)

The IMBIV is located in Cordoba, central Argentina. It is a research institute settled in the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and it is dependent on the CONICET of Argentina. The IMBIV hosts the direction and coordination of the project. 

The research group

The research group from IMBIV involved in our network is led by Dra. Sandra Díaz. She supervises the junior researcher Lucas Enrico, the project officer Pedro Jaureguiberry, the post-doc student Georgina Conti and the  project technicians Valeria Falczuk and Soledad Pérez.

The Chancani case-study site

Within the network, participants from IMBIV are studying the Dry Chaco ecosystem. Field data comes from a case-study site located in the West of Cordoba Province.

Some of the study plots are located inside the Chancaní Natural Reserve (which is managed by the Secretaría de Ambiente de la Provincia de Córdoba), where the best preserved woodland areas of the region can be found. Other plots outside the Reserve show different vegetation covers associated with different past and present land uses such as grazing, logging and farming.

Research team:


* Sandra Díaz (project leader & group leader)
* Natalia Pérez Harguindeguy
* Carlos Urcelay
* Lorena Ashworth
* Florence Baptist
* Fabien Quétier
* Lucas Enrico 
* Ma. Victoria Vaieretti
* Esteban Kowaljow

Posdoc students
* Georgina Conti
* Pedro Jaureguiberry
* Laura Hoyos
Dries Huygens

Doctoral students
* Anibal Cuchietti 
* María Eugenia Periago 
* Lucrecia Lipoma
* María Laura Moreno
* Lucas Gorné
* Eugenia Marcotti

* Valeria Falczuk