Daniel M. Cáceres

DM Cáceres is a professor at the Department of Rural Development (National University of Córdoba, Argentina), and a senior
researcher at CONICET (the National Research Council). He is also a Principal Investigator at Nucleus DiverSus for Research
on Diversity and Sustainability. His original degree was in agronomy, and then he obtained a Master of Philosophy on
Development Policy and Management at the University of Manchester, and a PhD on Agronomy and Rural Development at
the National University of Córdoba. Most of his research focuses in the interphase between agronomy and sociology. His main research interests and publications deal with various issues related with rural sociology, such as sustainability, technological change, livelihood strategies, ecosystem services, and socio-ecological conflicts. His current research looks at the links and relationships between natural and social systems, and is related with two main problems: a) the ecological and social impacts of the expansion of industrial agriculture over native ecosystems, with particular interests on the fate of the most disadvantaged social groups; and b) the scenarios arising from new land-use configurations, particularly the power relationships and conflicts among stakeholders struggling for the appropriation of ecosystem services.